Captain America Baby Costume

I crocheted this for my friends’ baby boy born on Father’s Day of this year. Of course, I made slight modifications to the patterns but I would have never been able to do this if not for these awesome people. Hope you like it!

captainAmerica2_withLogo captainAmericaMask_withLogo

This was accomplished with the use of the Captain America beanie mask pattern by Butterfly’s Craft Creations.

captainAmericaDiaperCover_withLogo  captainAmericaDiaperCoverSheild_withLogo
The diaper cover was created with the use of Busting Stitches free pattern but with the shield pattern from the link above darned on the butt instead of spots.


You can thank the amazing Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me for the free baby boot bootie pattern that helped me create these cuffed booties.
Thank you Repeat Crafter Me, Busting Stitches, and Butterfly’s Craft Creations for the patterns used to create this adorable heroic costume!


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