Basic Men’s Beanies

I used Deja Jetmir’s Basic Men’s Beanie pattern for this green lined beanie.


This purple lined beanie was created using Rhondda’s single crochet beanie pattern.

I prefer the pattern for the green lined one but at the time of this creation, I couldn’t find that pattern. I had to buckle down and find it so I could post this with the appropriate credit to the fabulous people who made the patterns and provide them for free!


Recently I’ve realized I did a half double crochet stitch instead of a single crochet stitch and something completely different for a half double crochet. Therefore, my early creations, such as these, have been slightly off but not enough to really make a big difference. After finding this out, I’ve double checked all stitches that I use regularly to make sure I hadn’t confused any others. I hadn’t. I’m pretty sure every crocheter has made a mistake at some point so I try not to feel too dumb about this one. 🙂

Thanks again, Rhondda and Deja, for these patterns! Hope everyone likes my creations! There will definitely be more to come!

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